26/04/2000 - 8:25

Things are progressing quite well. Yesterday, I just finished adding a preferences dialog box, allowing you to change panning and volume for every AY soundchip channel as well as the goold ol' beeper. What is missing now: beeper sound emulation (I changed so many things that I have to rewrite the beeper sound code :) ). You can also switch between Neil Bradley MZ80 cpu core and my own cpu core (code is 90% finished). A WIP release is not impossible in the next 2 or 3 weeks together with the source code. I have yet to decide whether I'll release a finished product or a WIP release. Just let me know if you prefer to see a WIP release sooner. As you all know it, a WIP release could behave erratically (bugs/crashes/unfinished dialog boxes ...), but it's the price to pay to see how things will look!

23/04/2000 - 12:55

AY-3-8912 sound is beginning to work (thanks to MAME AY emulation). It's very noisy but at least I get some kind of musics and sound effects in games now. I think I will delay the source release to support better sound.

09/04/2000 - 21:15

Not only am I working on the sound, but right now I'm adding support for Neil Bradley's excellent z80 cpu core (MZ80). Keyboard/joystick is already working as are 30-40 % of the games I have tested until now. There is something wrong with interrupts I think but it shouldn't take too long before I discover where it comes from.My new sound code is better in some cases (it plays at the right pitch) and worst in some others (some musics aren't playing anymore).

Stay tuned for more news !

04/04/2000 - 16:20

I'm currently working on the sound. I'll try to enhance it and add support for AY-3-8912 emulation (not easy).