- V0.6: Added support for .Z80 files (48k snapshots only, 128k snapshots support will be included in the next release). If the game resets, it is a version 2.01+ snapshot and sorry, you won't be able to load these files right now. But support for Z80 files is a great step forward and should give access to a lot more games ! Please note that support has not been extensively tested so in some cases some games could not be working.
- Minor GUI bugfix: OK button from the joystick options dialog was not working if no joystick was present. Should work now.
- V0.55b: Fixed "save snapshot" option that was not working if filename was different.
- V0.55: Better timing ! Now I'm using high performance windows timers, thanks to Boris Donko for his help. Please note that FPS counter is not accurate anymore, it shows the maximum framerate that your computer could display (but it is internally locked to 50 fps), and if it's below 50 fps it displays the real speed on your computer. I usually get between 90 and 100 fps on my 450 mhz Celeron.
- V0.54: Added support for 32 bpp desktop mode.
The first public beta is ready to download ! All comments welcome.