31/01/2000 - 23:55
Palette problems have been fixed! I rewrote the palette routine from scratch and all I can tell is that the problems I had on some machines (technically, RGB 555 mode was not handled at all) are fixed ! Should make some peoples happy.
In the next release, you should find a ton of fix/enhancements (dual joystick emulation, better border emulation, and maybe a fullscreen mode, so it should be a lot faster than this slow windowed mode).
Expect V0.71 in the next days, maybe in the next 2 weeks maximum.
Also, if some experienced programmers can help me to support AY-3-8910 sound, I'd be happy. I know that MAME uses a 8910 driver, but I don't know how to include it in my DirectSound code, so if you knwo how, drop me a line.
17/01/2000 - 23:41
I'm just rewriting the graphics engine from scratch. I spent the whole office time thinking about new ways to optimize the speed. Just back home, I did some coding and first tests are encouraging. Current speed to draw a complete screen is between 8-9 ms. My new engine should display a frame in 3-4 ms ! This is twice the speed, not bad at all. Let's hope I'll be able to resolve some very bad crashs I had when testing the new thing. Then there's the palette problem. Nobody reported me problems so I suppose nothing is wrong with it :)
10/01/2000 - 22:16
Can you help me ?? If you have a palette problem in either 16 or 32 bits mode, could you please download the V0.70b version (which, by the way, includes experimental support for .TAP files, thanks to Andrew Davidson :), some fixed opcodes cycles and a *far* better border emulation ) and send me email with the mask values which are displayed when you start the emulator as well as the video card type you own, your processor speed and the fps you get in 16 and 32 bits. Please note that's it's not really a new official release, but rather a "debug" version.
Thanks for your support ! This will (maybe) help me to clear up things which are a bit confusing in my mind.
02/01/2000 - 16:00
Version v0.70 is out!

- Added an option to switch between "border emulation" and "no border mode".
- Removed F7 (fps off) and F2 (Sound OFF) and made an option out of the two (this means these options act now like a switch, this is a little bit clever and I have now saved some functions keys for future options).
- Added an option in file menu to load and debug a snapshot
- A snapshot filename can be passed as an argument to the program. This can be of use if you want to associate .z80 and .sna file types to my emulator and automatically launch games. This works but requires the 48.rom file to be copied in the snapshots directory.
- Four bytes opcodes are now correctly displayed in the debugger (more exactly, the fourth byte is displayed)
- All options are now saved in the inifile (I mean *ALL*, not like before just joystick and path to snaps dir :) )
- Added support for .SCR files (loading and saving)