27/05/2000 - 15:51

Hehe, finally some good news. Someone decided to continue my project ! His name is Richard Nash. Another guy was interested too, but given that I got no answer from him, I no longer consider
him as a potential speccyal coder.

16/05/2000 - 15:51

I have some bad news for you, Speccyal lovers ... I have decided to focus on my social life instead of programming, for many reasons. One of them is that I got stuck in some places (sound programming). Another one is that I got a little bored of this project, but I don't regret anything, it has been great fun ! And the most important reason is that it took too much of my spare time, and now I'd like to spend more time with my friends, family, and most important, my girlfriend. My wish would be that someone would continue my project. Any candidate (if you do so, drop me a line) ?

08/05/2000 - 22:07

Oops, I forgot to include one file in the sources, so if you get an error message ("unable to find include file mz80.h") then get the new version.Also, I changed one or two things in the binary release too, so it's a bit more stable.

07/05/2000 - 12:53

Version V0.75 WIP is out !

Please note that it's just a WORK IN PROGRESS, it's just a taste of things to come. Don't consider this as the final V0.75 version !

Some features which were previously working in version V0.72b aren't working anymore. If you want the last stable version, get Speccyal V0.72b.

Don't say that you have not been warned !

What's new:

- Support for Neil Breadley's excellent MZ80 cpu core. Some games which were buggy (for instance commando) should be perfect now. But unfortunately some rare other games don't run anymore (now that the source is released, I hope someone will be able to find where this problem comes from :) I think it comes from the way I'm handling interrupts but I'm not 100% sure). You can switch between the two different cpu cores by selecting an option in the "options menu". The current cpu core is displayed in the status bar.

- Added AY-3-8910 sound directly taken from MAME. Please note that the sound quality is not very good but I'm quite happy with it, especially if you consider that it's my first try. You could experience some slowdown with AY sound switched on. It's better working in scanlines mode than in "screen drawn in one pass" mode (F3).

- Beeper sound code has been recoded. Much better (pitch is correct now) but like AY sound, there are some glitches (I'm losing some buffer segments and sometimes the sound skips). Honestly, I'm happy with it now, even in its current state.

- Added a sound preferences dialog box. Used now for selecting the sound options (panning and volume for each of the 3 AY soundchip channels and beeper volume/panning as well)

- Speccyal has been tested on a NT 2000 box and it's running in 15,16,24 and 32 bits as well as fullscreen mode.

- Released the source code. Please don't make another speccy emulator out of this source, there are already too many speccy emulators out there ! I released it just for learning purposes (and for help purposes hehe, I hope you guys will help me enhance my emulator). Don't ask me how to compile the source, as I won't answer to your questions. Just load the project under MSVC++ 6 and you should not get problems.