29/11/1999 - 20:51
Hello! Don't worry, I'm always working on the emulator. Right now, I'm enhancing the integrated debugger and I will try to clear somes bugs in the z80 core (Arghhh! This "run" option is difficult to get working !). Also, I added an option to load and debug snapshots. This is mainly intended to peoples who are interested in debugging their own emulators. I needed a way to start a debugging session right after a game was loaded, and stepping through code at the same time as another emulator debugger, like the one included in WinZ80. I think I will keep this option anyway. Could be useful to some ...

Also, I was surprised to see that some rare games which were having problems with "invisible" sprites were beginning to show something now. For example, "bc quest for tires" (or something like that), is now showing a kind of flashing sprite. Better than nothing but apparently this game is heavily relying on precise clock timing (someone can help me a bit about this??).

02/11/1999 - 22:45
- V0.68 beta: Border emulation. Warning: this is a beta scanline emulation version and I didn't go through extensive tests but it seems to be satisfying.

As I previously said, the next version (the final V0.68 version) should include debugger enhancements. I just decided to release V0.68 beta to get feedback from peoples , especially about the speed difference between this version and the previous one.