31/10/1999 - 12:29

- Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash if window was reduced too much. It's not worth the download anyway if you didn't noticed the problem, and IMHO you should wait until the next version.

I didn't want to make a new version, so I included this bugfix in the current V0.67 version.
Planned in the next version: better z80 debugger support, and maybe a scanline emulation (your favorite border :) ), but I'm not sure at all if I'll be able to implement it, as all my efforts to do so had previously resulted in crashs.

31/10/1999 - 00:48
- V0.67: The emulator window is now resizable !
- Display surface is not erased anymore when another window overlaps it or when you resize it.
- At startup, the window is displayed at the center of the screen.
- Bugfix: the F' register in the debugger window is correct now.
30/10/1999 - 02:00
- Cpu core V0.1: You can download my Z80 cpu source right now. Just read the included readme file to know how to use it. I'm waiting for feedback !
29/10/1999 - 23:59
V0.66 is out !
What's new in this release :
- Integrated z80 debugger, just press F11 to launch it.
- Added a Spectrum keymap picture in the help menu (thanks to Raúl Gomez Sanchez).

By the end of this weekend, you should also be able to download the source for my z80 cpu core, alltogether with some documentation to enable you to easily use it in your projects. Stay tuned!
Here's (again) a new picture of my z80 debugger, in its early stage (v0.2).
You can step through the code, see the flags and registers, see the stack, add and remove breakpoints but it's not possible to use the breakpoints in this release.
It's very basic but I hope to enhance it in the very next days (I have so many things to do, I don't even know where to start!). Please not that it's a bit buggy, and unpredicted errors could happen at any time. Bugs reports are welcome.

28/10/1999 - 23:44
Here's a picture of the integrated debugger in action. The first version will be more than basic, but it will get better and better, don't worry ! I hope to have the next version out by the weekend.

23/10/1999 - 01:35
I decided to rewrite my z80 cpu core and the way I handled it (was crap). So I made a Z80Cpu class, and use it now. It's a lot cleaner ! An official Z80 cpu core release is more than possible, probably as soon as I will have written the documentation to use my cpu core. I hope you peoples will be happy and that you'll be able to help me wipe all the last bugs out of it ! Warning tough: it's a bit buggy, slow and lacks some functionalities. More news in the very next days. The next thing I'm doing now is to completely rewrite some parts of my emulator so they are classes as well. Only after that I'll think to write some basic debugger.
14/10/1999 - 00:04
Work on an integrated debugger should possibly begin this weekend. This will be of great help for erasing the last z80 cpu core bugs (and maybe useful to some peoples).