27/09/1999 - 11:25
- V0.64b: Changing colors palette was not working in 32 bits desktop mode. Fixed now.
27/09/1999 - 10:40
A note about the speed selection option I added yesterday: This option is intended at those with fast machines. If you have 150+ fps, you'll be able to go up to 3 times the spectrum speed and if you can display 200 fps, up to 4 times the speccy speed. If you computer can barely display 50 fps, this option is useless. This is especially useful in 3D games like Darkside or Driller which are very slow.
- V0.64 update: Added shortcuts to speed selection options (CTRL+F5...CTRL+F8).
- V0.64: Added a speed selection option (x1,x2,x3,x4).
- V0.63: Added option to change colors palette (dark,normal or light). A strange side-effect is that the emulator is even faster now since I completely changed my palette creation routine (for the record, I had previously macros which were used to define colors and now I have a CreatePalette() function which dynamically creates palette using variables instead of macros).
- V0.62 update: color palette has been fixed (there was a problem with white color).
- V0.62: I did some optimizations and the emulator is faster (I cannot exactly tell how much). Slower PC owners should be a bit more happy now. Please can you report me the speed difference between V0.61/V0.62 ?
- A new version, with some minor speed enhancements, is on its way. Also, I'm working on a scanline emulation (border) instead of a screen emulation, and I need help about its DirectX implementation. It already works but I have problems with the DirectX Lock() and Unlock() functions (the emulator crashes if the windows looses or regains focus, because apparently you cannot have more then 50 ms between a Lock()/Unlock() operation).
- V0.61: Complete support for .z80 files. I promised it yesterday, here it is !